Overview of Computer Classes

NOTE: Textbooks are no longer sold at Adult Education offices.
Textbook titles are listed under classes that require them.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to bring a flash drive to their class to store any files they wish to work on outside of the class. With the exception of Photoshop projects, a capacity of 512mb is sufficient (minimum). For Photoshop, a 2 gigabyte flash drive is minimum (larger capacity is better).

NOTE: Classes vary each term. Not all classes below are offered every term.

General Computer Classes
• Introductory/keyboarding classes (English, y en español)
• Introduccion al Internet Basico
• Microsoft application classes (Word, Excel, and more)
• Office 2013 para su Oficina & Hogar
• QuickBooks Pro for electronic accounting
• Photoshop CS6 for editing photos/creating graphics for business or personal use

Computers for Seniors
• Basic intro to computers: how to use a mouse, keyboarding, typing
• Internet: understanding searches, downloading documents
• How to use email, sending and receiving email attachments
• Learn how to use iPhones or Android phones

La Computadora en Español Visite esta Página
• Introducción a la Computadora
• Introducción al Internet Básico
• Office 2013 para su Oficina y Hogar