Contact Information & Office Hours

West Contra Costa Adult Education

Director Dr. Anne Shin
Principal Mr. Jeffrey Carr • (510) 231-1453, ext 28004

In-person registration is available only at Alvarado Campus.
Alvarado Campus
(Main Business Office of Adult Education)
5625 Sutter Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
Phone (510) 231-1453
Office Hours: September 2018 - June 2019
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-3:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
The Alvarado Campus will be closed:
• December 22, 2018 - January 4, 2019
• February 16-24, 2019

Rchmond High School ESL Program
(Student Support Center/ESL Night Classes)
1250 - 23dr Street
Richmond, CA 94804
Phone (510) 215-1450, Extension 3385
Office Hours: September 2018 - June 2019
Monday-Wednesday: 6:30-9:00pm
Thursday-Sunday: Closed
Visit the Maps page for details about school locations.

Message from Adult Education Administration
It is with great pleasure that we will welcome you to another exciting school year! Your decision to become part of the West Contra Costa Adult Education Program is one that will change your life. We strongly believe that this may be the most important step for you to reach your goals and dreams for the future.

At WCC Adult Education we recognize education is a lifelong process. At the same time we understand that adults are busy and want to get the most from their time and energy they put into their classes. You will find that at West Contra Costa Adult Education, the staff and instructors are very dedicated to supporting adults who are interested in continuing their education. We will work with you side-by-side to help you succeed.

West Contra Costa Adult Education is here to provide the resources that you may need to achieve your educational and career goals. We offer ESL, High School Diploma, Career Technical Education, and Computer Classes. We are eager to partner with you and support you in your efforts to become college and/or career ready.

Apart from that, you can also enroll in a variety of Community Interest classes ranging from Food & Nutrition to Fitness and Dancing classes.

West Contra Costa Adult School Administration

Our Vision
The entire community of West Contra Costa Unified School District has knowledge of and access to Adult Education. West Contra Costa Adult Education provides positive life-long learning experiences in a safe student-centered environment. West Contra Costa Adult Education serves the educational needs of the community through partnerships with the WCCUSD departments and schools, businesses, community, and other community agencies. The District views the Adult Education program as a provider of parent education, which strengthens family, school and child relationships.

West Contra Costa adult education provides the west Contra Costa unified school District community with the highest-quality lifelong learning experience with high expectations, options, and opportunities for all students' Futures.

Our Mission
West Contra Costa Adult Education provides the West Contra Costa Unified School District community with the highest quality life-long learning experiences with high expectations, options, & opportunities for all students’ futures.

West Contra Costa Unified School District Information Website
District Board of Education
Elizabeth Block, Valerie Cuevas, Madeline Kronenberg, Tom Panas, Mister Phillips

District Administration
1108 Bissell Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801
Phone 510.231.1100
• Matthew Duffy, Superintendent of Schools
• Nia Rashidchi, Associate Superintendent, Educational Services
• Christopher Mount-Benites, Associate Superintendent, Business Services
• Lisa LeBlanc, Associate Superintendent, Operations Division
• Ken Whittemore, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

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Updated January 6, 2019