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Online Attendance
WCCAE has a new registration and attendance system (ASAP version 3). It's a work in progress, so meanwhile:
• If students in class need to register, ask them to fill out paper registration forms and drop off at the Serra office.
• Please turn in paper attendance sign-in sheets to the office. Eventually, you will record attendance online once the system is up and running properly.
Link to online attendance: https://app.asapconnected.com (opens in a new browser window).
WCCAE's organization ID is 4217 on the log-in screen. Type in your own user name and password to enter.

District Email
Link to District Email (opens in a new browser window)

Timecard Deadlines 2016 - 2017 (due in WCCAE office)
5/3 - Wed
6/5 - Mon
7/3 - Mon
7/10 - Mon

Employee Calendar - Adult Ed 2016-2017
Download a .doc or .PDF

District Calendar - WCCUSD 2016-2017
Download a PDF - English - Español

Druthers for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018
Deadline: Friday, June 2, emailed to Liz or dropped off in the office.
Download .doc
Email filled out form to Liz at , or take into the Serra or Alvarado office

Course Evaluation Form for Last Day of Class
Print and hand out to each student for evaluation
(Note the number system has changed. Now a 1 rating is low, and 5 is high.)

Course Syllabus Blank Form
Download .doc or .PDF

Who's Who in the Office
WCCAE Office Manager Mari Regalado (Interim)
• (510) 231-1453, extension 28000
Contact for information on: Attendance Support • Absence Reporting • Catalog • Druthers • Email Announcements • Facilities Support • Payroll Support • Registration

WCCAE Human Resources Technician Thomas Scott
• (510) 231-1453
Contact for information on: Absences (sick calls, maternity leave, etc.) • Employment (new and returning employees) • Employee Self Service (ESS) • Payroll Support • Personnel Issues (retirement, resignation, leave of absence)

WCCAE Custodial Department
Serra Campus: Ramona Valenzuela
To contact, call or visit the main office and request to be paged.
Serra: (510) 231-1453

Alvarado Campus: Doug Dennett
To contact, call or visit the main office and request to be paged.
Alvarado: (510) 231-1444

Web Resources for Teachers
ESL Instructors
CATESOL California/Nevada Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
xxEvents: 2016 Annual Conference - San Diego - November 17-20
Language Learning and Technology An electronic journal
LESLLA for Adults Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition
TESL Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) Internet Journal
TESOL International Association - formerly called Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

ABE/GED/CTE Instructors
CALPRO California Adult Literacy ProfessionalDevelopment Project
CASAS Comprehensive Adult Students Assessment Systems
xxCalifornia Accountability page
NCAL National Center on Adult Literacy
OCTAE US Dept. of Ed/Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

Older Adult/Disabled Program Instructors
CDA California Department of Aging - news, providers & partners, resources
Pleasant Hill Senior Center has a yearly event called Laugh, Love & Learn Senior Live Well Forum, tentatively scheduled for May 5, 2017. Check the senior center link in January for more information.
• The CCAE (first link in General section below) often has older adult sessions at their annual conference

General Adult Education
CCAE California Council for Adult Education - Lillie Clausen, President, Contra Costa Chapter, Bay Section
xxEvents: 2017 State Conference - Long Beach - May 4-6
CCAE Bay Secton North Coast chapter of CCAE
ERIC US Dept of Ed's Education Resources Information Center, database of education literature
JSPAC California Perkins Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee
xxEvents: CA Perkins 2016 Annual Conference - Sacramento - November 30 - December 2
CA Adult Ed PD - California Adult Education Professional Development - long list of trainings
OTAN Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (Requires a log-in. Just make one up.)
xxEvents: Online Workshops - Face-to-Face Workshops

• CA AE PD http://caadultedtraining.org/ - Various dates
• CATESOL 2016 Annual Conference - San Diego - November 17-20
• CCAE 2017 State Conference - Long Beach - May 4-6
• JSPAC CA Perkins 2016 Annual Conference - Sacramento - November 30 - December 2
• OTAN Online Workshops - Face-to-Face Workshops - Various dates